Well the oil Prices continue to escalate.  I believe this escalation will continue for the foreseeable future.   The big issue for us now is to strive to have our Politicians reduce the amount of tax paid on Fuel purchases.  Taxing Gasoline Fuel oil electricity  nuclear energy etc.  is simply gouging the consumer with taxes on top of taxes.  It is time to vote for a responsible government who will respect the people who they represent. As Fuel prices go up, so does home heating, manufacturing, Food purchases, the purchase of appliances and homes  Medicine and clothes just keep going up. Yes  we can force the prices down to reasonable levels.  become politically active.  control your consumption. It is possible to make positive change

We need to stimulate the Exploration and Production of energy sources.  Fossil fuels ,electricity, and Nuclear energy.   Wind and sunlight are not viable alternatives on a national basis.  Electric Automobiles are not the solution yet,  there is an enormous amount of analysis and studying to be done before electric vehicles are Efficient.  As the worldwide population returns to work  and people and Goods start to travel  the energy demand will continue to grow. 

Enjoy the bloggs and take care of yourselves

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