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Here we go again.  The price of oil is rising quickly.  The price of oil is determined by the buyers and sellers of oil.  If the people drive more and use more Gasoline the price will surely rise.   What we need to understand is that oil is not just fuel for Cars, airplanes, jets, trains, trucks and ships.  It is used in making plastics and almost everything now is plastic and/or plastic components.  Oil is utilised to fuel Power plants,and industrial facilities.  In addition oil is used to heat our homes.  The list goes on forever, and includes medicines.  There is no escaping the fact that oil is a very important commodity.  and not all countries are blessed with fields of oil.  OIL is in a market that rises and falls continuously, based on supply and demand. When there is oversupply the price goes down and when there is shortages or fears of shortages the price goes up.  

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