As we are in the last day o a long weekend, as we return home complaining to ourselves about the high price of oil. We need to remember that the biggest part of high prices is supply and demand.  If we cut down our consumption the price will come down.  This applies to oil and most everything else we consume. food. furniture  cars. yes even houses., so the

On the positive side, we can look for an upcoming raise in salaries,as we put more people to work.  People will have more disposable income.What we must do is learn to help our fellow man, as our lifestyle improves lets not forget to help those people less fortunate than us.  

As we overcome the Covid, our lifestyle continues to improve.  Lets not forget those who are economically challenged. 

As oil producers and Distributors begin to reap the profits coming from the increased prices of petroleum products, they will invest more capital in the Exploration and Development of the  Sources they operate.  The result of more investment is the need to hire more employees.  As more and more people find new and attractive jobs. the economy grows, production increases.

What we all must constantly work towards is Economic Independence.  Buying foeiegn oil, instead of producing our own fields is counter productive.  Foriegn companies  then make the profit and there is no Spinoff benefit for we the people.  Strive for Energy Independence, it is critical for our future

Have a Great Canadian Thanksgiving. In the United States of America, have an enjoyable and Safe Columbus day.And here in Ecuador i hope you enjoyed your long weekend

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