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Donald Bertsch

I am an expert in business analysis, I have created successful companies around the world and have saved others from bankruptcy.
I have rebuilt 3 companies that were destined for the scrap heap and turned them into fully profitable operations.
In my spare time I assisted a friend to acquire a 1927 Baldwin Steam locomotive and coaches and build Albertas first operating Tourist Steam Railroad, which has been running 21 years.
I have written many courses and developed a number of Certification processes. including Challenger Drilling Apprenticeship Program which was implemented in the USA.
I am a certified and Qualified Railway Locomotive Engineer and -conductor on freight and passenger operations with Steam and Diesel Locomotives.

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Well the oil Prices continue to escalate.

Well the oil Prices continue to escalate.

Well the oil Prices continue to escalate.  I believe this escalation will continue for the foreseeable future.   The big issue for us now is to strive to have our Politicians reduce the amount of tax paid on Fuel purchases.  Taxing Gasoline Fuel oil electricity  nuclear energy etc.  is simply gouging the consumer with taxes on top of […]

Increasing oil prices continuing #2

Increasing oil prices continuing #2

As we are in the last day o a long weekend, as we return home complaining to ourselves about the high price of oil. We need to remember that the biggest part of high prices is supply and demand.  If we cut down our consumption the price will come down.  This applies to oil and most […]

What we can do to adjust our expenses and control our costs

What we can do to adjust our expenses and control our costs

What we must do now.  is adjust our expenses and control our costs, in other words make ourselves more energy conscious, as we become more efficient consumers.   How high. Price goes up depending on supply and demand.  external conditions such as natural disasters, wars and conflicts will affect our economic lives.In the coming blogs we […]

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